Elections Rules

The following regulations should be read in conjunction with Chester Students' Union Articles of Association and Elections Regulations that can be found here.


  1. The Returning Officer (RO) shall be responsible for the good conduct and administration of all Union elections and shall have sole responsibility for the interpretation of the Election regulations.
  2. The RO may appoint Deputy Returning Officers (DRO) to act on their behalf.
  3. The decision of the RO shall be final and binding. Should a member be dissatisfied with a ruling from or the conduct of the RO this complaint shall be made in writing to the Board of Trustees within 7 days of the count taking place. Any decision to overturn the RO shall need a 75% majority of a quorate Trustee Board.
  4. Any complaint relating to the administration of the election will normally be determined by the RO within 24 hours of the complaint being lodged. Any such complaint must state which rule or rules have been broken.
  5. Any complaint relating to the conduct of the count must be made in writing and received by the RO within 24 hours of the count being declared. Any complaint relating to the count will normally be determined within 24 hours of the complaint being lodged.
  6. The RO reserves the right to enforce disciplinary penalties against candidates who deviate from the election regulations, up to and including exclusion from the election.  
  7. No candidates can spend more than £150 towards their campaign. The RO reserves the right to demand to see proof of expenditure.
  8. The RO reserves the right to designate areas of campus as exempt from campaigning. For this election this is any library. Further areas may be added by the RO or DRO.
  9. Candidates will not be allowed to use CSU equipment for the purposes of campaigning except where this has been explicitly arranged by the RO for all candidates.
  10. Candidates may not campaign until after the Candidate Academy has taken place where campaigning may begin on Wednesday 26th February at 5pm. This means no flyers, posters, wearable items associated to a candidate’s campaign or other means of written publicity can be displayed before this time. This also extends to Facebook pages for your campaign and any other similar use of alternative social media channels. Please note that conversations either in person or privately via social media apps such as a messenger app are not included in this definition of campaigning and therefore is permitted.
  11. Candidates must take reasonable steps to ensure that their supporter’s actions comply with the campaign rules at all times and must be able to demonstrate this in the event of a complaint against them.
  12. Candidates may only alter, move or remove their own campaign materials.
  13. Campaigners may only use mailing lists where lawful to do so. In most cases this will require the consent of the members on the list to use their details for election purposes.
  14. Campaigners must allow voters to cast their ballot freely and must not communicate with voters in any way once they have begun to complete their ballot.
  15. Students’ Union student staff and elected officers are not allowed to campaign for themselves or on behalf of any candidate whilst working for the Students’ Union or wearing a Students’ Union uniform.
  16. The Union will not endorse a candidate and candidates must not state in election publicity that their policies have been endorsed by the Union or make reference to individual members of staff. Union staff will not endorse candidates and nor will any CSU digital publications including Bazza Media. Elected officers are not considered as Union Staff.
  17. Candidates should ask for a nominal value for any items used in campaigning prior to use that they already own from the Deputy Returning Officer.
  18. If you are unsure of whether something breaks the rules ask beforehand by contacting CSUElections@chester.ac.uk
  19. Candidates should conduct themselves in a way that is respectful of other candidates.
  20. The CSU logo and University of Chester logo are not to be used in your campaigning publicity.

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